FREE Fruity Cash Envelopes

I’m a grateful user of Cash Envelopes. They make sure that I keep on track with my money.

As a creative person I make them myself of course.

You can use them too, so I will share them with you.

This time I have a few Fruity Designs for you.

Click on the image below for the download.

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Over the last 20 years Jolanda has raised her son by herself and has experienced how hard life can be for a single mother. Health issues, losing her job, relationship issues and financial problems where just a few of the hurdles that life had in store for her.

But she always comes back from that valley and she picked herself up. Always taken other steps to see where it could take her. Looking for possibilities instead of impossibilities. That's her motto!

She is a budget coach, a life coach and has much down to earth Dutch experience. 

She is most known for her blogs about saving money, making money, her printables and many tips and advice about life itself.