I made this table a few years ago and I am still very happy with it.

This creative DIY is not difficult and easy to make for every creative person.

I will tell you below how you can make it.


1. To the cycle!

Let the fun before you start begin, I would say. I love thrift stores as you know and I like to browse the stores for unique gadgets.

For this DIY you go looking for small tables. Believe me if I tell you that you are certain to succeed. Walk into any thrift store and the tables are everywhere you look. Now just sort out a nice one.

2. Sanding and painting.

A job that I find a little less, but is important, is sanding the table. You really don’t need to sand a thick layer of it, but a layer is needed to apply the paint properly.

After sanding, clean the table with cleaning vinegar or ammonia. The table is then dust and grease-free.

Now you can paint the table in a desired color. If the table is dark and you want to apply a light color, you can also choose to first apply a layer of primer on it.

Let the table dry.

3. Crochet a rug.

You then crochet or knit a nice rug for the table. Search for your favorite color and find a nice pattern on Pinterest.

I used the classic granny square for this rug.

If you have never crocheted, you can find the basics on youtube. That’s how I’ve learned it.

Make sure that the rug can wrap around the table top.

4. Hemming the rug.

If the rug is large enough, place it on the table and turn the table upside down. Make sure it is in the middle.

Now you go through the rug with a needle and thread. You go along all the edges and at the end you pull the thread so that the rug gets stuck around the table. Now a good knot and tie off.

Your own, unique table is ready!

Have fun while creating your own fun little table!


You start by neatly cutting the pictures. Then you place this in a bowl of water. This makes it a little softer and you can place them nicer in the round ball. If you don’t do this, you will all see creases. You dry them and stick them in the ball with the glue. Make sure the hole where you can hang the ball is at the top.

Put a picture in both halves so that you can turn it around and view it on two sides. You also glue around the plate and then carefully sprinkle some glitter on it. Let this dry.

As soon as they are dry you can cover it with the blue paint. It’s best to paint two layers so that it covers well. Once this is dry you can click the halves together and thread a ribbon in the hole at the top. Make a bow in it and lower it to the ball.

Your own unique Christmas ball is ready!

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